Who we are..

After identifying the communication needs, we identify and link up with the innovators/ producers/ and value chain experts who have the information / technologies-(like you in Coffee production,) and package it into tailor-made promotional, advocacy, informational, educational and edutainment Video, Audio and Graphic (Magazines/ Brochures/ Billboards) media messages to solve the development challenges of the targeted communities. Although we prime agribusiness support and development enterprises, other areas in the development realm, amongst them, financial literacy, environment, health and gender mainstreaming, are given as much attention to meet the varied demands of the growing & informed society...Read more

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What we do..

Our products are presented in a wide range of tailor-made advocacy, informational, educational and entertainment packages guided by the goals of the targeted audiences. They include;

• Localized video and audio materials, manuals, handbooks, photo stories, posters, fliers, News Paper features ,Graphic animations and banners to suit your communication needs.
• Television and Radio Dramas, Documentaries, Features, Magazines, Talk shows for publication in the mass media. • Communication strategies for development practitioners and activists.
• Tailor made training for individuals, communities, and organizations to streamline your communication needs to actualize your development goals.
• 2D and 3D Animations for Television spot ads, jingles, Station promos.


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Tailor-made packages

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DevCom Consults is an acronym for ‘The Development Communication Consultants’. It is a private media organisation specializing in Strategic and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Communication.

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